The Social Saloon – Bespoke 121 training or strategy sessions

121 Training in Person and now Online!

Howdy, partner!

  • Are you flummoxed by Facebook ads?
  • Are you in a twist over Twitter hashtags?
  • Does your website bamboozle you or your online tools annoy you?
  • Maybe you’re OK at the techie stuff but you don’t know what to write or how to plan your posts.

Hey, don’t worry… we know exactly how you feel.

We spend a lot of time helping folk to fix their social media, websites, tools, content, apps, smartphone functionality, and more.

We spend all day on laptops, phones, social media sites and online tools and we’re pretty darn good at navigating our way around them – so we find it real easy to help others.


Now we’re offering to fix your little issues in the Social Saloon – Just £87 per hour slot.

If you’re struggling with a niggling digital issue or you just need an hour to find out how your social media could be better planned then you’re in the right place.

We can help you with all manner of digital and marketing problems, woes or simply give you some advice on your advertising and marketing strategy.

Just pick your hour slot at the Social Saloon by selecting it below and we’ll pull up a stool next to you at the bar or see you online and look at your problems together.

Yes… we can also consult with you online too! Just select ‘online’ or ‘Leamington’ to make your choice when you book.

Please note: The Social Saloon is only available on a few days of every month and each hour slot is £87 inc VAT.

(You may need to scroll right to find the next available date)

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