About Spaghetti Training

toddSocial media is an important part of people’s business, and should feature as part of your marketing plan.

But with social media and business there’s a problem. A lot of businesses try to sell rather than make connections. This isn’t the way to go!

We’ve been training business to use social media since 2010.

We can help you learn how to use social media for your business based on experience of training and running social media for ourselves and many other businesses… and now you don’t even need to leave your office!

joWe’ve traditionally trained business in our training room but we know you might not be able to get there.

That’s fine, partner – we’re here to help you.

So hook up your internet and get onboard with our online training.

Of course if you would like to meet us in person you can still come and join us around the campfire in Warwickshire!